12 March 2014

Job Centres and Food Banks

Great article by the Guardian. They've use a Freedom of Information Request to show:
... there is a "high level process" written by the DWP to be followed when benefit claimants say they are in hardship because of government policy and need food.

A six-step flowchart for jobcentre staff shows the four reasons to recommend an available food bank when claimants ask for help are hardship caused by benefit changes, benefit payment delays, a benefit advance has been refused, or the advance does not pay enough to meet their needs.
 It's a curious story because the government has been adamant that  Food Banks form no part of their policy. Luciana Berger the shadow public health minister tried to get the documentation but Esther McVey wouldn't release it saying "It is not common practice in DWP to publish internal guidance."

In fact DWP internal guidance is all over the Internet mainly from FOI requests. Which is how the Guardian. got it. And how we get it for this blog.

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